The Federation of Rodent Cheesemakers

Rat Cheese Facts

Types of Rat
Nowadays the brown rat, rattus norvegicus, is most commonly used in dairy herds. Though some farmers use the smaller black rat, rattus rattus. This rat was infamous for spreading the Black Death in mediaeval Europe, and its cheese may therefore prove unpopular among the squeamish.
Types of milk
The Siberian udder-rat produces more milk than any other, while the Himalayan Rex is said to produce the finest quality milk, especially prized by makers of blue rat cheese.
Famous Cheeses
The most famous rat cheese is the legendary Fromage des Merdes. Best eaten after several bottles of Bordeaux, this extremely strong mature cheese is not for the faint-hearted.
Famous Cheese-eaters
Perhaps the most famous consumer of rodent cheese is US President, George W Bush. And although he cannot spell, pronounce, or even remember it, Fromage des Merdes is said to be his favourite.
The Federation of Rodent Cheesemakers ensures that the highest standards of animal welfare and hygiene are maintained. So you can feast on your favourite rat cheese knowing it came from healthy happy animals, and there is no danger of nuisance bugs such as listeria.
Marcel Loussier
Marcel Loussier, the father of rat cheese, lived to the age of ninety-six. And this is widely attributed to the health-giving properties of rat cheese.